Light Dimmers and Timer Installation


Light Dimmers and Timer installation Rockingham

Light dimmers and timers are both effective ways to control the amount of electricity use by your lighting. It is a practical and inexpensive way to save energy and save money. Timers are primarily designed with this in mind, since they turn lights and other things on and off according to a schedule. The main purpose of dimmers is to control the light level in the room, but a side benefit of dimming lights is saving money. There are many types of dimmers and timers to choose from, so research a little before buying to make sure you get exactly what you need.LN400EH_m

Lighting Dimmers

The technical term for a light dimmer is rheostat. Dimmers give you control over the amount of light that is produced, which is useful for enhancing the mood of a room by altering its brightness. An additional side benefit of dimmer lights is lowered electrical bills.

If you want, we can install dimmers and compatible lighting in every room in your home so that you can switch between very bright, which is useful when working on business or homework, or dimmer which is great for entertaining friends and guests. We can also install dimmer switches that include remote controls so that you can dim the lights or raise their brightness or turn them on or off without having to even get up from your chair or bed.

We also sell and install a line of weather proof dimmer switches for use in outdoor verandas, gazebos or gardens. Andrew’s Rockingham Home Services offers a wide variety dimmers and compatible lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, our professional installation experts will install your lighting, guaranteeing that it is safe, meets code requirements and will work well for years to come.

Private Light Timers

Light timers add convenience and electrical savings by allowing you to define certain times that lights will tune on and off daily, and some can even be given different programs for each day of the week. You can also have motion sensors installed that will only activate a light when someone is walking outside or when a car drives up. A combination of timers and motion sensors increases safety by making sure that no one has to walk around in the dark. As an additional benefit, lights turning on and off suddenly tends to scare away opportunistic criminals. When you are away, you can set your timers to turn lights inside and outside on and off at intervals to give the appearance of an occupied home, which is also a deterrent to thieves.



Why go home to a dull, poorly lit house, when you can have a well-lit, inviting home with lighting dimmers and timers installed by the experts at Andrew’s Rockingham Home Services? Lighting timers and dimmers can give the impression to a potential intruder that your house is not empty while you are travelling or away on important business trips or enjoying a holiday with the extended family. Check out their complete line of power saving light timers and dimmers and so you can get the best set up that fits your daily needs. Let our professional electricians do the hard work so you can have complete peace of mind with properly installed light dimmers and timers. Feel free to contact our 24/7 hotline number at 08 92734019. We promise not to keep you waiting on the line. Look for Andrew or Tony. They can also be contacted online and are available for live chat with free estimates and quotes at