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Whatever electrical emergency you have in your home, hotel, nursing home, commercial property or retail outlet, loss supply, blown fuse, burning smells, fault lighting or sockets, installing cooker or immersion heater, circuits tripping, water damage or even fire we here to help

All our electricians are approved and have years experience so be assured your in safe hands with honest advice.

We been in business for over 24 years and are available online 24/7 so you can always get hold of us.




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$150 every half-hour onsite – No call out fee

MONDAY TO FRIDAY  – After hours
SATURDAY & SUNDAY – After hours

$99 Call-out & £150 for every half hour onsite (plus parts)

Terms and Conditions:

Minimum charge outside these hours is paid upfront via credit card. Payment is on completion via credit card or cash unless account customers.

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Commercial Electrical


Factory or business power gone down? Need a commercial electrician around Rockingham?  Call Tony today.

With over 24 years in the trade, we are skilled, qualified and professional electricians that are available 24/7. When things go wrong, you want an electrician to act quickly as it can cost time and money. Anything can cause a problem with the electricity and the answer could be straightforward, but it could also be very dangerous. Until you are aware of the exact problem, it is always best to contact a qualified electrician to fix the problem safely.

Damaged appliances, faulty fire alarms, lighting problems and power cuts are just some of the reasons for calling out a 24-hour electrician.  You may be able to switch your circuits back on everything is working again but it does not identify the cause of the issue in the first place which could result in it happening again, potentially severe.


Unfortunately, many commercial properties have old wiring systems and while they do work well, they don’t meet modern safety standards. The difficulty comes when problems occur and the safety provisions in the old system are inadequate in keeping you and your employees safe taking risks with electrics; it is simply not worth it.

Electrical safety needs to be taken seriously. When a problem occurs, the first thing to do is turn off your power at the main switch. This removes current from your system and should render it temporarily safe. Next, call Tony at RockinghamElectrician.com.au. We can come 24 hours a day to find out what is causing the problem. We always endeavour to respond very quickly to business customers with emergency calls, and you have the peace of mind that your chosen tradesperson is qualified and up to the job.

All of our electricians are highly trained and skilled tradespeople. Having undergone rigorous testing on their knowledge and performance, they understand the complexities of electrical wiring systems inside out and are experts at diagnosing problems. We pride ourselves on our customer focus, and always offer safe solutions that are as cost-effective as possible. If you are looking for a reliable 24-hour electrician around Rockingham, then Tony@Rockinghamelectrician.com.au is the name to trust


Call 24/7 – 08 9273 4007

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Domestic Electrical

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Rockingham Domestic Electrical

We can help install or repair the following for our local Rockingham area customers

Call Tony now or chat online for a fast quote and 24/7 booking

  • Additional power sockets
  • Circuit board installs
  • Circuit breaker repairs
  • Complete and partial rewiring
  • Consumer unit replacements

    Rockingham Electrician
    Local Electrical Services fr$99
  • Cooker installs
  • Domestic appliance repairs
  • Door entry systems
  • Earthing ports and bonding
  • Electrical fault finding
  • Electrical repairs
  • Emergency 24-hour service
  • LED down lighting
  • External lighting
  • Fuse box replacements
  • Garden lighting
  • Heating controls

    Rockingham Electrical
    No Call-Out Fee Electrician
  • Immersion heaters
  • Security Lighting Installations
  • Ceiling Fans Installed
  • Old House Rewiring
  • Dimmer Switches
  • LAN and NBN Sockets
  • Phone Points
  • Testing and inspections
  • Towel rails
  • RCD safety Switches
  • Tripping circuits
  • Smoke Alarms


Call 24/7 – 08 9273 4007

SMS – 0415 966 469

Email – tony@rockinghamelectrician

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When To Have An Electrical Power Upgrade For Your Home


Generally speaking, there are two fundamental reasons to have an electrical power upgrade in your home; in the event that it is risky, or in the event that it is not enormous enough for the demand of your current electrical equipments. In either case, an electrical system overhaul is extremely vital to the safety and a longer lifespan for your entire electrical system at home.
rockingham electrician
If you feel that your electrical system is now risky or unsafe, it is equally evident why this might be hazardous. Having a system that is not expansive enough to handle your daily need, may lead to circumstances that are also unsafe. An electrical system that is excessively insufficient always normally brings about overloaded circuits. This prompts tripped breakers, blown circuits and possibly hazardous electric stuns if these overloaded electrical circuits are not appropriately checked by a professional electrical service technician.

Understanding The Framework Of Your Electrical Service

The main framework of your electrical system, regularly called your electrical board or breaker board, gives an entrance point for electrical power to enter your home. Once the power arrives to your home from your local power generation plant, your breaker board serves as the circulation framework that controls, upholds, and circulates the electrical power to the numerous electrical line and circuits in your home.

Aside from doing its part in disseminating the electrical power all around your home, your electrical system additionally serves as your first line of defense against the hazardously large amounts of power that are constantly transmitted to your home. Each circuit must be secured by an electrical safety switch or breaker in the event that you live in much older home. In case the electrical current gets to be excessively sporadic, or achieves risky levels, your breakers are intended to flip to the off position, which will no more allow the power to stream to that circuit. This may help avoid the wires and fuses to overheat, dissolve, or cause fire and electrical shocks.

Signs That Your Electrical Service Is Not Enough And Potentially Unsafe

Once your electrical system is excessively little, it can no more give the base measure of power that your home needs on a daily basis. This frequently happens each time you include more high-power consuming appliances or new electrical gear for your home. The best sign that your home may require an electrical redesign is the occurrence of tripped circuit breakers. In case that extended a room, installed an HVAC or air conditioning system, remodeled your kitchen, or included a hot tub or other appliances, you need to consult an electrician about having a power upgrade in your household. A circuit panel may be potentially unsafe if you see that the fuse box looks already outdated especially if you live in an old home. In addition, when power fluctuations and trip breakers occur at any certain time of the day is a clear indication that the power cannot comply with the load of electrical circuit expected from them. To ensure the safety of your lives and your property, contact a licensed electrician to have your fuse box, circuit breakers, and wirings undergo a major check up.


An electrical power upgrade by Andrew’s Home Services will guarantee that you’re getting the most out of your home’s electrical system and help prevent electrical perils. If you feel that your electrical system may turn out to be perilous and may endanger the safety of your home and family, do not think twice and immediately contact Andrew’s Home Services to immediately have a team of skilled power upgrade electricians check your entire electrical framework at home.

Mind Blowing Facts About Electricians


Mind Blowing Facts About Rockingham Electricians


Mind Blowing Facts About Electricians at Work 24/7 That No One is Telling You


Electricians at work 24/7 are Actually Teams of Electricians On-Call 24/7.

When you hear electricians at work 24/7, what immediately comes to mind? Are they zombies that don’t need rest or sleep? Are they working without breaks or holidays? Of course not. They are human after all. There is not one single man on duty 24/7. There are teams of electricians on schedules that allows the team to be on call 24/7. Here are a few facts about electricians at work 24/7.

Electricians Perform Many Tasks, Not Only Wiring

Electricians are most known for wiring work, but the truth is they do many types of installations and repairs. Electricians are involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of virtually all major appliances and devices installed in homes and business that use electricity. A few examples follow:

Range hood installations are not easy and usually require a few disciplines to do a good job, including electrician skills and carpentry skills at least. It is harder than it looks and you will get a better result if you hire professionals to install your range hood.

Ceiling and exhaust fan installation might look easy when watching it on YouTube, but it can get complicated fast. If done improperly, you could end up with short circuiting wiring and overloaded circuits. In the case of an improperly mounted ceiling fan, it could fall suddenly and injure people in the area.

Installing emergency lighting and LED lighting usually involves running new circuits and hidden wiring in the walls and ceilings. Tapping into live circuits to add these lights is inherently dangerous because if you make a mistake you could be electrocuted. Also, wiring needs to be installed to a certain code and if done improperly it will created a fire or shock hazard. It is much better to let professional electricians handle anything that involves adding new circuits or cutting into walls or ceilings.

Stove and oven installations can be particularly hazardous when not done by qualified licensed electricians. Besides the normal wiring concerns, you run into with lights and other things, stoves and ovens are high-load items. That means that if the wires used are not the correct gauge for the load, they won’t simply not work well, they have a high likelihood of burning off their insulation and catching your home on fire. Great care needs to be taken when installing appliances that require several thousand amps.

Installing hardwired smoke detectors is similar to installing light fixtures. Wiring has to be ran and circuits have to be installed. This sort of work is not for amateurs. However, once smoke alarms are installed, everyone will be much safer. Smoke alarms are great for preventing a sleeping family from choking to death or burning in their sleep. Smoke alarms often sound an alert early enough for the owners or firefighters to extinguish the source of the smoke, which can save your home.

Electricians at Work 24/7 Wear Proper Protection and Carry Proper Tools

Professional electricians always have the proper safety gear. Trying to do electrical installations and repairs without the proper safety equipment is very dangerous. Professional electricians are prepared for the hazards of the job and carry this sort of safety gear, among others:

Arc Flash Protective Clothing (PPE)
OEL Arc Flash Protective Clothing (PPE)
Aprons & Tool Belt Combos
Belts & Suspenders
Tool Carriers
Tool Pouches
Work Gloves
Miscellaneous: goggles, masks, etc.

Electricians at Work 24/7 are Always On-Call for Residential or Commercial Jobs

No matter the trouble call, on-call electricians will respond. Good on-call electricians are experienced with residential and commercial electrical needs and well equipped to deal with whatever is required. Feel free to make a trouble call as soon as you suspect there may be a problem because it is too late after a fire has burned everything. Good, experienced licensed electricians are available at a moment’s notice, day or night, to diagnose your electrical problems and repair them quickly before any real damage is done. Don’t leave electrical problems waiting. Contact a 24/7 on-call electrician near you whenever you feel an electrical problem needs to be addressed.


Light Dimmers and Timer Installation



Light Dimmers and Timer installation

Light dimmers and timers are both effective ways to control the amount of electricity use by your lighting. It is a practical and inexpensive way to save energy and save money. Timers are primarily designed with this in mind, since they turn lights and other things on and off according to a schedule. The main purpose of dimmers is to control the light level in the room, but a side benefit of dimming lights is saving money. There are many types of dimmers and timers to choose from, so research a little before buying to make sure you get exactly what you need.LN400EH_m

Lighting Dimmers

The technical term for a light dimmer is rheostat. Dimmers give you control over the amount of light that is produced, which is useful for enhancing the mood of a room by altering its brightness. An additional side benefit of dimmer lights is lowered electrical bills.

If you want, we can install dimmers and compatible lighting in every room in your home so that you can switch between very bright, which is useful when working on business or homework, or dimmer which is great for entertaining friends and guests. We can also install dimmer switches that include remote controls so that you can dim the lights or raise their brightness or turn them on or off without having to even get up from your chair or bed.

We also sell and install a line of weather proof dimmer switches for use in outdoor verandas, gazebos or gardens. Andrew’s Rockingham Home Services offers a wide variety dimmers and compatible lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, our professional installation experts will install your lighting, guaranteeing that it is safe, meets code requirements and will work well for years to come.

Private Light Timers

Light timers add convenience and electrical savings by allowing you to define certain times that lights will tune on and off daily, and some can even be given different programs for each day of the week. You can also have motion sensors installed that will only activate a light when someone is walking outside or when a car drives up. A combination of timers and motion sensors increases safety by making sure that no one has to walk around in the dark. As an additional benefit, lights turning on and off suddenly tends to scare away opportunistic criminals. When you are away, you can set your timers to turn lights inside and outside on and off at intervals to give the appearance of an occupied home, which is also a deterrent to thieves.



Why go home to a dull, poorly lit house, when you can have a well-lit, inviting home with lighting dimmers and timers installed by the experts at Andrew’s Rockingham Home Services? Lighting timers and dimmers can give the impression to a potential intruder that your house is not empty while you are travelling or away on important business trips or enjoying a holiday with the extended family. Check out their complete line of power saving light timers and dimmers and so you can get the best set up that fits your daily needs. Let our professional electricians do the hard work so you can have complete peace of mind with properly installed light dimmers and timers. Feel free to contact our 24/7 hotline number at 08 92734019. We promise not to keep you waiting on the line. Look for Andrew or Tony. They can also be contacted online and are available for live chat with free estimates and quotes at rockinghamservices.com.au.





Install Range Hood



Why Hire a Professional to Install a Range Hood?

Cooking at home produces a variety of smells. Some great and some less great. No matter if the smells are good or bad, you don’t want them hanging around forever in the walls, chairs, sofa and carpet. A properly installed range hood that draws all of the steam, greasy air and odors up into its vent and out of your home is an essential part of any complete kitchen. You will also want your range hood to function safely, efficiently and look good. That will take a professional installation.

Why Install Range Hood?download (2)

A range hood is usually installed directly over the kitchen stove. It is linked to an exhaust hose that goes to the outside of your home, either through the roof or a wall usually. These range hoods come with many options, sometimes multiple fans, choices of lighting, screens to limit grease or debris from entering the vent. They are also available in many styles and colors to match your kitchen. Range hoods are practical for many reasons. Range hoods prevent the whole house from being permanently permeated with odd odors. They keep your kitchen relatively cool, free of smoke or excessive odor from cooking and reduce the humidity. Also, without a proper range hood, your air conditioner is basically battling your oven and range and the one with the higher wattage rating will usually win the battle. Not having a good range hood can increase your utility bills considerably.

Why Contract with an Electrician to Install Your Range Hood Safely?

Range hood Installation needs to be left to the experts. They’re not easy to install and it really should be handled by a specialist. Also, an incorrect range hood Installation could result in it not functioning properly, which means your money is wasted. Even worse, if wired improperly a fire could damage or destroy your home. Improperly attached range hoods could also fall onto your stove and whatever you are cooking at the time, which could injure people in the area if hot oil or boiling liquids are on the stove. A lot can go wrong if not done properly, so leave it to the professionals.

Why Use Search Engines to Find Someone to Install Your Range Hood Safely?

There are many ways to contact a qualified specialist to handle your range hood installation. Some are available 24/7 and can be contacted by phone, but there are also some who can be contacted online via email and chat. Companies like Orlando and Perth provide excellent support and consultation via their website chat functions. You can even leave them voicemails online. These professionals are always very willing to help in any way they can. Just tell them about your kitchen and what kind of range hood you are interested in. They will help you to select the best solution for your needs and get your range hood installed quickly and safely.


What Other Services are Offered Besides Range Hood Installation?

The same experts who can install your range hood can also provide many other services for you. They can perform stove and oven installation and home wiring inspections and rewiring. They can also handle, led lighting installations anywhere in the home. Some are also experts with hardwired smoke alarm installations. Even something as simple as installing a ceiling fan really needs to be handled by a professional in most cases. Whatever your need, there is a qualified electrician and installation specialist who can do it for you.



The Characteristics Of A Good Electric Company



The Characteristics of a Good Rockingham Electrician Company

Electricity has become a basic requirement for any home. Without electricity, nothing works. You can’t see at night, you can’t cook usually and the air-conditioning and heat don’t work, so whatever the temperature is outside, that becomes the temperature inside. Without reliable electric service, your home is little more than a fancy cave. When selecting which electric company will provide your home’s electricity, there are many considerations, including rates, additional services provides, customer support, and the knowledge and attitude of the sales people.download

Tailored Services

Electricity is a need for modern life, it is right up there with food, shelter and clothing. It is very difficult to live in a modern world without electricity, but not every has the same budget available or uses electricity the same way or at the same time. When you use electricity, and how much you use should be considered when deciding which company, you will use and which rate plan you will choose. Find a company that offers rates and plans that suits your life.

Best Rates and Services

There are many types of electrical rate plans to choose from. Some are fixed per kilowatt-hour for a certain term, perhaps as long as a year or more. Others fluctuate with the changes in the price of electricity from day to day and month to month. It’s better to have options than to not have them, but choices can also be difficult. Do your homework to determine which price plan will be better for you over time. Be sure to compare the rate options of the various companies and call the company to make sure you really understand the costs. You may be able to find ratings or complaints online to help you decide if one company is better for you than another.

Good Customer Support

Customer service is very import. No one likes to feel like they can’t get an answer or find out what is going on when the electrical service is interrupted. There needs to be a strong customer service department willing to take trouble calls and provide timely information about the issues that concern your electrical utility services. To make things even easier, an online website that posts the current status of electrical service and any interruptions is a very important thing to have since even the best customer service centers get overwhelmed during a major outage.

Great Salespeople

Your first contact with any electric power company will usually be through one of their sales people. All companies, no matter the business, usually put their best most helpful people right up front doing sales. So, if your sales person is ignorant of the services they are offering, unhelpful or otherwise unfriendly, it will not be better when you call customer service because you have a problem. If the sales people are not very good, the power company and their customer service is not likely to be any better. Avoid companies that treat you badly when you are considering which company to use.


Apart from all these considerations, it is great to find electric companies that provide bonuses to loyal customers. This might be a good sign that a company appreciates your business with them and values you as their customers. Opting for these companies will not only make you feel more satisfied with their service but will also help you save money on electricity bills.





The Five Electrical Repairs You Should Never Attempt To Fix


Five Electrical Repairs You Should Never Attempt Alone and Common Mistakes

In our lives, we make so many mistakes, some more memorable than others. When attempting amateur electrical repairs, mistakes also often happen. They are almost 100% memorable, and some are fatal. Other times you may just wake up in a hospital wondering why your hands are burned and what happened to the last couple hours of your life. Sometimes you can get a little shock doing something silly during an electrical repair and the breaker or safety switch may trip and it’s not that big a deal. Most of the following electrical misadventures would likely not lead to a minor zap because there are no electrical breakers and safety switches to save you when you make one of the following mistakes. When doing major electrical work, always hire a professional electrician. There are many licensed electricians in Perth to choose from and some are open 24/7.

  1. Trying to Repair or Upgrade the Breaker Box

When you put your hand or a tool in the breaker box, you have bypassed every electrical safeguard designed to keep you alive while using electricity. Unless you are a trained technician what you are doing is as dangerous as working on a running car engine or walking into a burning building. The only thing you should ever do to a breaker box is reset a breaker. That’s it. Anything else can leave you electrocuted, burned and dying on the floor. It is very hard to exaggerate how deadly doing amateur electrician work in the breaker box can be. Please don’t ever work on your breaker box. Always get a professional to do that work for you.

  1. Working on the Electrical Weather Head.download (2)

Have you ever heard of the Darwin Awards? A Darwin Award is granted to people who die doing things so crazy and dangerous that anyone with a brain should know not to do. The reason the award is presented is that any person who is dumb enough to get killed that way has done the human genepool a favor. Fooling around with the electrical weather head on your own without the proper training is a step up in foolishness from tinkering with the breaker box. The weather head, also called the administration pole or periscope, is the metal post or other structure that interfaces the power company’s electrical lines to your house. Those lines are carrying enough power to light up your entire neighborhood. Imagine what is going to happen to you if you make any small mistake while working on that. You won’t just get shocked, cooked is more accurate. You will almost certainly end up on the news or as a cautionary tale on YouTube. Don’t be the next Darwin Award candidate. Call a local certified Perth area electrician to do that dangerous electrical work safely for you.

  1. Installing Wiring on a Live Circuit

Never add lighting, wiring, switches, outlets or attempt repairs while the circuit is live and has electricity flowing through it. That kind of work should be left to electricians anyway, but if you are going to try it, make sure the power to the circuit is switched off at the breaker box. Even better, call an electrician. They are properly equipped to test for live wires and know how to do electrical work safely.

  1. Attempt to Install and Repair Major Appliances.

Major appliances are usually connected to major lines capable of carrying 30 amps or more. That is about 29 more amps than it will take to kill you if you make a mistake. Also, even if you are not harmed your appliance or your home could be if you do it wrong. Sometimes these appliances even have very large capacitors that store electrical charges strong enough to hurt you even when they are not connected to your home’s electrical system. To be safe and to avoid damaging your appliances, it is better to let qualified electricians, installers and repairmen handle that work.

  1. Tinker With an Electric Vehicle.

Never even attempt to figure out what is wrong with that hybrid car. Hybrid cars have very powerful electrical systems with circuits carrying far more voltage than a home and nearly the same amps in many cases. They are not like the older cars that only carried 12v. Working on a hybrid vehicle is dangerous. Let the mechanic handle it.


When you have a major electrical problem in your home, outside your home or with a major appliance only a well-trained and licensed electrician should repair it. Trying to do it yourself is dangerous, and potentially fatal. There are many experts in the Perth area who can handle your electrical work safely and quickly. Call one when you need help. Some are available 24 hours a day.