The Five Electrical Repairs You Should Never Attempt To Fix

Five Electrical Repairs You Should Never Attempt Alone and Common Mistakes

In our lives, we make so many mistakes, some more memorable than others. When attempting amateur electrical repairs, mistakes also often happen. They are almost 100% memorable, and some are fatal. Other times you may just wake up in a hospital wondering why your hands are burned and what happened to the last couple hours of your life. Sometimes you can get a little shock doing something silly during an electrical repair and the breaker or safety switch may trip and it’s not that big a deal. Most of the following electrical misadventures would likely not lead to a minor zap because there are no electrical breakers and safety switches to save you when you make one of the following mistakes. When doing major electrical work, always hire a professional electrician. There are many licensed electricians in Perth to choose from and some are open 24/7.

  1. Trying to Repair or Upgrade the Breaker Box

When you put your hand or a tool in the breaker box, you have bypassed every electrical safeguard designed to keep you alive while using electricity. Unless you are a trained technician what you are doing is as dangerous as working on a running car engine or walking into a burning building. The only thing you should ever do to a breaker box is reset a breaker. That’s it. Anything else can leave you electrocuted, burned and dying on the floor. It is very hard to exaggerate how deadly doing amateur electrician work in the breaker box can be. Please don’t ever work on your breaker box. Always get a professional to do that work for you.

  1. Working on the Electrical Weather (2)

Have you ever heard of the Darwin Awards? A Darwin Award is granted to people who die doing things so crazy and dangerous that anyone with a brain should know not to do. The reason the award is presented is that any person who is dumb enough to get killed that way has done the human genepool a favor. Fooling around with the electrical weather head on your own without the proper training is a step up in foolishness from tinkering with the breaker box. The weather head, also called the administration pole or periscope, is the metal post or other structure that interfaces the power company’s electrical lines to your house. Those lines are carrying enough power to light up your entire neighborhood. Imagine what is going to happen to you if you make any small mistake while working on that. You won’t just get shocked, cooked is more accurate. You will almost certainly end up on the news or as a cautionary tale on YouTube. Don’t be the next Darwin Award candidate. Call a local certified Perth area electrician to do that dangerous electrical work safely for you.

  1. Installing Wiring on a Live Circuit

Never add lighting, wiring, switches, outlets or attempt repairs while the circuit is live and has electricity flowing through it. That kind of work should be left to electricians anyway, but if you are going to try it, make sure the power to the circuit is switched off at the breaker box. Even better, call an electrician. They are properly equipped to test for live wires and know how to do electrical work safely.

  1. Attempt to Install and Repair Major Appliances.

Major appliances are usually connected to major lines capable of carrying 30 amps or more. That is about 29 more amps than it will take to kill you if you make a mistake. Also, even if you are not harmed your appliance or your home could be if you do it wrong. Sometimes these appliances even have very large capacitors that store electrical charges strong enough to hurt you even when they are not connected to your home’s electrical system. To be safe and to avoid damaging your appliances, it is better to let qualified electricians, installers and repairmen handle that work.

  1. Tinker With an Electric Vehicle.

Never even attempt to figure out what is wrong with that hybrid car. Hybrid cars have very powerful electrical systems with circuits carrying far more voltage than home and nearly the same amps in many cases. They are not like the older cars that only carried 12v. Working on a hybrid vehicle is dangerous. Let the mechanic handle it.


When you have a major electrical problem in your home, outside your home or with a major appliance only a well-trained and licensed electrician should repair it. Trying to do it yourself is dangerous, and potentially fatal. There are many experts in the Perth area who can handle your electrical work safely and quickly. Call one when you need help. Some are available 24 hours a day.