Mind Blowing Facts About Electricians

Mind Blowing Facts About Rockingham Electricians


Mind Blowing Facts About Electricians at Work 24/7 That No One is Telling You


Electricians at work 24/7 are Actually Teams of Electricians On-Call 24/7.

When you hear electricians at work 24/7, what immediately comes to mind? Are they zombies that don’t need rest or sleep? Are they working without breaks or holidays? Of course not. They are human after all. There is not one single man on duty 24/7. There are teams of electricians on schedules that allows the team to be on call 24/7. Here are a few facts about electricians at work 24/7.

Electricians Perform Many Tasks, Not Only Wiring

Electricians are most known for wiring work, but the truth is they do many types of installations and repairs. Electricians are involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of virtually all major appliances and devices installed in homes and business that use electricity. A few examples follow:

Range hood installations are not easy and usually require a few disciplines to do a good job, including electrician skills and carpentry skills at least. It is harder than it looks and you will get a better result if you hire professionals to install your range hood.

Ceiling and exhaust fan installation might look easy when watching it on YouTube, but it can get complicated fast. If done improperly, you could end up with short circuiting wiring and overloaded circuits. In the case of an improperly mounted ceiling fan, it could fall suddenly and injure people in the area.

Installing emergency lighting and LED lighting usually involves running new circuits and hidden wiring in the walls and ceilings. Tapping into live circuits to add these lights is inherently dangerous because if you make a mistake you could be electrocuted. Also, wiring needs to be installed to a certain code and if done improperly it will created a fire or shock hazard. It is much better to let professional electricians handle anything that involves adding new circuits or cutting into walls or ceilings.

Stove and oven installations can be particularly hazardous when not done by qualified licensed electricians. Besides the normal wiring concerns, you run into with lights and other things, stoves and ovens are high-load items. That means that if the wires used are not the correct gauge for the load, they won’t simply not work well, they have a high likelihood of burning off their insulation and catching your home on fire. Great care needs to be taken when installing appliances that require several thousand amps.

Installing hardwired smoke detectors is similar to installing light fixtures. Wiring has to be ran and circuits have to be installed. This sort of work is not for amateurs. However, once smoke alarms are installed, everyone will be much safer. Smoke alarms are great for preventing a sleeping family from choking to death or burning in their sleep. Smoke alarms often sound an alert early enough for the owners or firefighters to extinguish the source of the smoke, which can save your home.

Electricians at Work 24/7 Wear Proper Protection and Carry Proper Tools

Professional electricians always have the proper safety gear. Trying to do electrical installations and repairs without the proper safety equipment is very dangerous. Professional electricians are prepared for the hazards of the job and carry this sort of safety gear, among others:

Arc Flash Protective Clothing (PPE)
OEL Arc Flash Protective Clothing (PPE)
Aprons & Tool Belt Combos
Belts & Suspenders
Tool Carriers
Tool Pouches
Work Gloves
Miscellaneous: goggles, masks, etc.

Electricians at Work 24/7 are Always On-Call for Residential or Commercial Jobs

No matter the trouble call, on-call electricians will respond. Good on-call electricians are experienced with residential and commercial electrical needs and well equipped to deal with whatever is required. Feel free to make a trouble call as soon as you suspect there may be a problem because it is too late after a fire has burned everything. Good, experienced licensed electricians are available at a moment’s notice, day or night, to diagnose your electrical problems and repair them quickly before any real damage is done. Don’t leave electrical problems waiting. Contact a 24/7 on-call electrician near you whenever you feel an electrical problem needs to be addressed.